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Providing Hope for Young Residents of Camden City, New Jersey

Providing Hope for Young Residents of Camden City, New Jersey

By Chelsea DeCicco, Executive Vice President of Universal Initiatives

Universal Initiatives is committed to providing excellent programs and investing in the wellness of our community. We stand on the front line of improving economic sustainability, eradicating poverty, preventing violence, overcoming homelessness, enhancing employment opportunities, and fostering social prosperity. In 2021, we decided to improve our existing programs to provide easy, accessible, and affordable solutions to combat our communities most pressing challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Today, we are providing young residents of Camden City, New Jersey, with life-changing affordable housing solutions that give them a quality, healthy, and stable place to call home while investing in their future success.

Universal Initiatives focuses on building Premier Lifestyles for individuals, families, and communities by focusing on improving access to quality public health, education, and housing resources. Our strategic alliance with Hopeworks, OneSource Services, and Millennial Housing Foundation in Camden, New Jersey, helps improve the quality of life in our community by providing young residents with a unique opportunity to live luxury for less and participate in an innovative, modern, and new way of life. Together, we provide the next-generations taste for a meaningful lifestyle by breaking down the barriers of homeownership and overcoming the stigma surrounding affordable housing in our communities. We provide a balance between luxury and affordability, enhancing lives through quality enrichment programs that pave the way for a successful and sustainable future.

Our unique Pathway to Homeownership Program addresses the challenges of serial renting and lifelong systematic low-income housing subsidization in our communities that entrap underserved, low-income residents in economically disadvantaged communities, and make it difficult for young residents to access long term wealth through homeownership. We combat these historic problems by elevating renters to homeownership, investing in their future homeownership throughout the duration of their lease and providing them with opportunities to build long term, generational wealth by having access to instant equity through their elevation to homeownership.

Our community alliance is changing the lives of young residents in Camden City by offering them hope and support for a more financially sustainable, and opportunistic future. Together, we are encouraging healthy homeownership by offering financial assistance, encouraging healthy financial habits through our Pathway to Financial Freedom Program, and promoting healthy community revitalization through our team effort of expanding the affordable housing stock for city residents.

During one of the most vulnerable times in our nation’s history, our strategic alliance is providing support, and meaningful resources for young residents in need, restoring hope and faith into our communities future and providing safe, affordable, and stable homes for our young people to live, grow, and thrive.

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