Economical housing for residents to thrive.

 Economical housing for residents to thrive.

Universal Initiatives

Universal Initiatives
We provide premier economical housing for residents to thrive.

Elite design and innovation

Efficient + Cost-Effective Home Construction = Luxury Economical Housing

Our co-living spaces foster a sense of community and reduce the overall cost for residents.

  • "Office Space”
  • “Laundry Room”
  • “Rec-Center”
  • “Gym”

Our functional, flexible apartments make the most of small spaces and are designed to be multi-functional.

  • Maximized living space
  • Looking beyond traditional furniture
  • Attractive functionality

Technological and security advancement

We provide next-generation experiences for our residents by providing advanced security technologies.

  • Keyless entry (smartphone-based digital key via KastleResident)
  • Access control that’s intuitive, comprehensive, convenient, and desirable for residents
  • Regulate who and when individuals have access to spaces
  • Provides an audit trail of entry activity to key spaces
  • Robust video surveillance to bolster security and provide real-time incident response

Environmentally friendly & sustainable construction materials

We provide exceptional, progressive housing options for young consumers

  • Cutting costs, not corners, by building with energy smart materials
  • LEED Certified Construction
  • Recyclable materials made into luxury and appealing home finishes
  • Ocean glass countertops